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20 Awesome Acts Of Celebrity Kindness

I am actually crying wtf is wrong with me

The last one is what got me


I case someone want to experiment what real terror is go here it’s in english.

gosh thank you this is not a gif im sick and done of dem jumpscares


Yeah That’s good (by fujienyan)


Sasshi, Mayuyu, Yukirin - Msta 7/25 


BDRIP 720p AKB48 Group Dai Sokaku Matsuri 

Link Online/Download :

AKB48 Group Dai Sokaku Matsuri : Link

AKB48 Group Dai Sokaku Matsuri Concert : Link

AKB48 Group Dai Sokaku Matsuri Making : Link


Fan : become my wife!

Mayu : ah, okay!

Day 4: Did you dislike someone in the beginnng of your fandom? If yes, what were the reasons?

Yes, i dislike akicha (and still do until now)

(._.)/ no offense to her fans, but I personally doesn’t like her the moment i see her on screen, ehehe *nervous laugh* She’s just not the type that I will support or even like.

Macchun's MaYuki imitation @ RH2014 
sub cr Teppensubs

The only thing i hope to see in daisokaku matsuri is mayu’s happy face when she’s fucking move to team b and leave team a