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i am not the same person at 8am and 8pm


It’s super important that everyone knows Rin rolled up just one pant leg so people can see his ankle bracelet


No one can stop me

(I spent all yesterday doing this and all this day trying to post it jfc, this is how giving birth should feel I am so proud of myself wtf)


//down tempo☆ an instrumental electronic mix for the summer days turning into autumn haze. ☆ [LISTEN] 

hmmm I have hope for them but I can’t see them being able to maintain AKB’s popularity just yet

for now it may seems that way but no one knows what will happen next. Time will tell i guess… (‘3’)/

tbh i like KnP more than KFC but since KFC was first some people may see it as a rehash. Anyways even if sales are low, AKB48 still dominates the charts like no other artist.

yeah, akb sales are indeed much higher than other artist and also I hope that the new gen can keep that high oricon rank too (._.)/

Hey, what’s wrong? We will break their streak in one go!

man i’d love to get my hands on the new taylor swift’s album

yes, but I can see why though. The senbatsu doesn’t have the star power anymore. It’s lost Mariko, Itano and Yuko. Plus I honestly think Kawaei, Shibata and Ikoma aren’t really on the same level as the rest of the senbatsu. No offense to them.

i see your point there… but besides the line up, isn’t the lack of song impact plays a role too? i mean the placard idea is great but it doesn’t seem that people are as hype about it as kfc (or it’s just me idk (╥﹏╥) )